Wednesday, November 18, 2015

New England Car Wash Assn
Dinner Meeting
I attended the New England Car Wash Assn. dinner meeting last night. It was good to catch up with old friends.
During dinner I was having a conversation with an area operator on the subject of "Lava Foam" applications in today's car washes. His comment to me was that he couldn't see the purpose of the application even though it would increase his car washes income per car.
The featured speaker at the dinner was Clark Merrill from the Dale Carnegie Institute.  He said that when he goes to get his car washed he always gets the most expensive package. He wants everything the car wash has to offer applied. Why, because he enjoys the visual colors and the fragrance of the products. What he was really saying was that he enjoys the overall experience of getting his car washed. It makes him feel good. So there it was. The answer to the earlier conversation I was having with my car wash operator friend.
As car washers we have an obligation to give or offer the customer everything they want. If the competitor down the street is offering s feature you are not guess where he is going to go to get what he wants. Down the street. This all comes under the heading of "enhancing your customers wash experience." When your customer has a positive experience at the car wash they will return more often and tell more people.
So, the bottom line is "give your customer what they want."  Enhance their experience and make more money.     

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