Monday, January 18, 2016



In reading a vacuum article in the recent issue of Auto Laundry News by David H.
VanGorder, president of Doyle Vacuum Systems entitled, “Choosing the Right Vacuum System” I felt that Mr. VanGorder made an excellent case for the stand alone vacuum model over a central vacuum system.

In the article Mr. VanGorder states that “a single hose can generate100 percent of the airflow and 100 percent of the suction power”. This is an important feature of the Auto Glanz Solutions Pro 100 Vacuum.

The article also discusses costs. It states that the “upfront cost of installing a central vacuum system is higher than that of installing a network of individual freestanding vacuums”. The article also makes the point that the “central vacuum system is always running and that the individual freestanding vacuums only run when they are activated by the customer”. Another important feature of the AGS vacuum.

The article concludes with the belief “that the individual freestanding vacuum units offer the best overall solution in terms of performance,flexibility, costs, maintenance and reliability.

I have often said that the car wash industry is in a constant state of change. More and more I hear about the high cost of central vacuum systems. The AGS Pro 100 Vacuum meets all of the criteria illustrated above.

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